3 prestigious international awards, for a cyber company from Israel


Cyber ​​security startup Zero Networks won three Infosec Awards from Cyber ​​Defense magazine announced at the RSA 2024 Global Cyber ​​Security Conference, held last week in San Francisco, USA. The awards given to the company are: the identity security market leader, the editor’s choice in the field of micro-segmentation and the best solution in the field of the Zero Trust platform.

The RSA Conference, the largest and most prestigious professional event of the cyber industry, was founded in 1991 by the RSA Security company that developed a new encryption method and was largely devoted entirely to encryption issues. Over the years, the conference has turned from a relatively small professional event in the field of encryption to the summit conference of the cyber security industry that focuses on cloud security, applications, AI technologies and more.

The conference is held every year in the USA, Europe, Asia and the United Arab Emirates. About 45,000 cyber experts, cyber company managers, entrepreneurs, investors, government officials and more participated in the conference in the USA. 500 companies presented their cyber solutions there, alongside the industry executives who presented their cyber vision in 500 lectures and panels.

Benny Lekonishuk, co-founder and CEO of Zero Networks, said: “The international recognition of Zero Networks’ achievements is the result of hard work, professional excellence, and creativity of our wonderful staff and employees, thanks to whom we won these awards. The awards reflect our commitment to push the boundaries and develop groundbreaking solutions in the field of cyber security, which is dynamically changing all the time.”

Zero Networks solves one of the most complicated problems in cyber security – how to prevent, and not “just” warn, attackers from moving through the corporate network to steal data or execute a ransom attack. The company has developed a fully automated SaaS platform that studies all network traffic and limits the access of every computer and every user in the organization to the minimum necessary – and requires multi-step authentication in sensitive operations. The SaaS service is implemented in minutes and starts running in only about 30 days – compared to several years that are required to implement other segmentation solutions that often do not provide comprehensive protection.

Zero Networks was founded in 2019, and is managed by Benny Lakunishuk (CEO) and Amir Frankel (CTO). The company has raised 45 million dollars cumulatively since its inception, of which 20 million dollars in the B round that closed at the end of 2023. The company, which employs 55 people, 35 of them in Tel Aviv, and the rest in offices in the US and Europe, is currently recruiting additional employees in order to support its accelerated growth.

The Zero Networks solution was launched in March 2022 and in light of its pioneering capabilities, it was extremely successful in the global market. The company’s sales reached millions of dollars within 9 months of launch and grew 5 times in the second year, and it has accumulated a diverse list of clients in the US, Europe and the Middle East.

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