Europe 2024 – “Jews? You are not welcome here” they said in a hotel in Serbia. (In response, Booking removed the hotel from the website permanently)


The dark days of Europe from the 1930s are revealed again: an Israeli citizen approached the Serbian hotel with a request to stay there and had a dialogue with the owner. When he was asked where he was from, the tourist replied that he was from Israel and then replied: “Sorry, Jews are not welcome here. Please cancel your reservation. The hotel does not host Jews.”

The “Bezelmo” organization contacted the “Booking” company with the demand that it immediately remove the website from the list of websites and indeed, Booking informed that the website has been permanently removed.

In the letter of appeal from Boeing to the company, it was stated that: “The Boeing Company prohibits all discrimination and hatred, certainly such a statement is not only a hate crime but anti-Semitism for all intents and purposes.”

Shai Glick, CEO of Betselmo, said: “I thank for quickly responding to my request. Anti-Semitism is a worldwide epidemic that is no less serious than the Corona epidemic and the whole world must unite against it with a strong hand. He who hates Jews is not using freedom, but is a person who is motivated by hatred and anti-Semitism and must be arrested in any way. The international bodies must say here and to prevent any anti-Semitism in their territory.”

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