Following the rape crimes – additional sanctions on Hamas and Islamic Jihad


Hamas and Islamic Jihad are already defined as terrorist organizations by the European Union, but now its 27 member states have agreed on the imposition of specific sanctions against the military arm of Hamas, with an emphasis on its Nohva force – which led the surprise attack on Israel that started the war – as well as on the arm the military of the Islamic Jihad.

The sanctions, which will include asset freezes and travel bans to the EU countries – will be imposed as mentioned following the horrific sex crimes committed during the massacre. “These three entities committed extensive sexual and gender-based crimes during the terrorist attacks in Israel on October 7,” the union said.

Foreign Minister Israel Israel Katz said: “I congratulate the European Union for its decision to put the murderers of Vansi, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, on the sanctions list – a decision that sends a clear message: those who murdered, raped, burned, abused the bodies of babies, girls, women and the elderly and committed atrocities against humanity – will pay the price. I thank the employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their diplomatic efforts – and call on UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to internalize the message and act accordingly. We will continue to act against our enemies on all fronts.”

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