Israel’s startup index – March raised 822 million dollars


Out of all the reported transactions, only four startups are responsible for raising capital in the total amount of about half a billion dollars, that is, about a third of the total raised in the previous quarter.

By comparison, in the two months before that we had only one “mega-raising” of $100 million or more. And yet, most of the capital raisings in these months continue to come from the young startups – in pre-seed to A rounds – and they represent about 75% of the total rounds reported in the first quarter of the year.

Since the beginning of the year, we have seen purchase transactions totaling approximately one billion dollars, when in the last month alone, there were three cyber companies that were purchased for $900 million (Avalor, Gem Security and Flow Security). In addition, it was also reported this month that Oxeye was acquired by GitHub’s competitor, Gitlab, in a deal valued at approximately $30 million. The rest of the purchases reflect a lower value with relatively modest investment returns for investors.

The total recruitments in the last quarter represents a 10% increase compared to the total recruitments in the fourth quarter of 2023, which seemingly indicates a positive direction, but if we compare it to the corresponding quarter last year, which was already in the midst of the crisis, we see a 10% decrease in the total reported recruitments.

Similar to last year, also in the first quarter of 2024 we did not see any company that was awarded the status of a unicorn and raised based on an estimated value higher than a billion dollars.

Last year, for comparison, we had only one such company, and it reported raising capital only in August. However, it is certainly possible to see the reversal of the trend, in which startups prefer to move forward with acquisition offers than to continue raising funds on the way to IPOs.

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