The Israeli chef, Assaf Granit, receives a Michelin star for the fourth time in a row, for the “Shavor” restaurant in Paris (while he was serving in the reserves).


In the annual Michelin star awarding ceremony in France. Chef Assaf Granit won, for the fourth time in a row, the prestigious Michelin star for the “Shavor” restaurant in Paris.

Granit, who volunteers in reserve service and recently got used to wearing the IDF uniform, walked the red carpet wearing a suit and button-down shirt.

He said: “This year and more than ever, winning the Michelin star strengthens us and the righteousness of our path, mine and that of my partners in the sand and in the land of Dan Yoshua, Tomer Lanzman, Uri Navon, Asaf Seri, Eliezer Mizrahi and Itzik Roham.”

Granit also said: “Standing on the stage of the ceremony and receiving the award for a Jerusalem, Israeli restaurant, for the fourth time in a row when 10 days ago I was still a volunteer in the reserves and surrounded by Magellan fighters (and will soon return to them) is a different experience, a true Israeli pride.”

“The perspective and the scale of proportions has completely changed, I am full of hope and faith that we will end this war with the return of the kidnapped and peace to the borders of our culinary piece of paradise, until then I and the Makhaniuda group will continue and act in any way we can contribute.”

“This is a wonderful opportunity to invite everyone who is in Paris, London or Berlin to visit us – to sit in a good restaurant on the streets of Paris and hear blue and white music emanating from the speakers when you are surrounded by tourists from all over the world. This is a warm feeling that will fill every Israeli on days like this.”

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