Attacking Jews on the streets of America, this time in Chicago – outside the screening of the documentary “Nova”

A Jew was attacked by pro-Palestinian protesters outside the screening of the documentary "Nova" in Chicago. The demonstrators chanted slogans against Israel and tried to prevent people from entering. The attack in Chicago is just one of many that have occurred in the United States in recent weeks, following the worst wave of anti-Semitism in decades that has erupted in the United States.

The incident occurred when the man, aged 50, tried to enter the cinema. According to reports, one of the protesters tried to grab the Israeli flag that was in the man’s hand. Afterwards, several protesters physically assaulted him. The man was slightly injured but did not need medical attention.

Local police are investigating the incident as a hate crime. So far no suspects have been arrested.

The movie “Nova” deals with the massacre at the “Nova” club in Tel Aviv in 1975, where 37 people were killed. The film was screened as part of the Jewish Film Festival in Chicago.

The leader of the Jewish community in Chicago condemned the attack. “This is a horrific attack on a Jew and on freedom of expression,” he said. “We call on the police to investigate the incident to the full extent of the law and bring the culprits to justice.”

The attack in Chicago is just one of many that have occurred in the United States in recent weeks. The current wave of anti-Semitism is the worst in decades.

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