The Israeli series “Bloody Murray” was acquired for distribution in France and Germany


The Israeli series “Bloody Murray”, which was broadcast in Israel on the -yes channel in 2022, will also be broadcast in France and Germany after it was acquired for distribution by broadcasting companies in the countries.

The series will be broadcast on the Arte channel in both countries in the coming week under the name “Dana and Murray”, this is about a year after it was sold to the Canadian broadcasting network CBC. A few months ago it was announced that the series will return for a second season in 2025, which Stav Idisis is currently working on.

“Bloody Mori” is a romantic comedy created by Idisis that follows two childhood friends, the film lecturer Mori (played by Naomi Levov) and the specialist doctor Dana (played by Rotem Sela), they are roommates who face their lives as singles.

Sharon Levy, yes’s director of international distribution, told “Deadline”: “With the wonderful characters, the soft touch and all the fun and wit in a romantic comedy, we expect this fun series to be a big hit among the new audience.”

The series was nominated for 8 awards of the Israel Television Academy, including for the best comedy drama series and situation comedy, and won one of them – for the performance of Omer Etzion, who played Gur, Mori’s ex-partner. In 2022, she even won the best comedy award at the prestigious Series Mania festival.

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