An Islam researcher tries to explain to us about the Jihad war, the Al-Aqsa flood and the shaping of consciousness in the Arab media


Idit Bar is one of the most important scholars of Islam and the Middle East in Israel, she hosts the Bint Halal podcast, the Arabic language and its meaning run through her veins, and she is probably the greatest expert in Israel in matters of shaping the consciousness of the Arab public, with an emphasis on the Gazan public. We talked about shaping consciousness in the Arab media, about the Palestinian propaganda, about all the Arab countries that issued an exclusion order against her and no entry into their country, about the rift between the people in Israel and the failure of 10/7. Idit did not hold back and expressed her anger at the Israelis’ ignorance regarding Muslim culture and the Israeli media, which creates a negative image for us in the world. I invite you to listen if you are among those who want to hear a different point of view on what is happening in our country than what is presented in the normal media.

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