Negev 7- The IDF’s powerful tool is put into operational use

In the midst of the war, the IDF works tirelessly to integrate new weapons, such as the Negev 7, for operational use on the battlefield.

As part of the non-stop combat training of IDF soldiers, IDF soldiers were exposed to the Negev 7, a powerful and deadly weapon that has yet to be used. Its massive 7.62mm bullets make it more powerful than its predecessor, the Negev 5, which fighters have used so far.

The Negev 7, named after the size of its bullet, serves the defined purpose of the Ra: to cover, fascinate and destroy. Offering improved cover for our forces, it engages the enemy, even in challenging terrain, and ultimately brings powerful destruction.

The weapon has been optimized after its initial use on the ‘Crag Ethan’, taking into account reviews and suggestions. The first operational test of the improved Negev 7 is underway in the war in the Gaza Strip. Major Samuel, the doctor of the school, emphasizes its significant advantage in turning the enemy’s shelter into a hiding place only, thanks to its ability to penetrate thick walls.

The fighters find an advantage in the short adaptation process, since they already know the previous Negev. At the facility Adam sees fighters, reservists and standby unit personnel receive the new weapon and after a short training Negev 7 is now stationed in actual activity.

The Negev 7 is not the only addition to the arsenal in this war. The school focuses on assimilating various tools, including ‘triangles’ for extended vision, thermal sights, laser markers, ‘Arad’ and ‘Amatan’ weapons. These tools, along with the dagger, a computerized sight that improves hit rates, are undergoing training and are expected to be used for the first time in the ongoing war.

While the facility primarily trains military personnel, its influence extends beyond individual warriors. It coordinates training courses for instructors, provides professional guidelines and facilitates operational learning from the experience of returning combatants. Major Shmuel emphasizes that the school is the source of knowledge about all the weapons and means of warfare in the army’s possession.

Led by female instructors, the school’s ongoing efforts aim to increase the combatants’ fitness and readiness for critical moments. Major Samuel concludes: “We are more prepared than ever, and we will do whatever it takes to fulfill the mission.”

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