The Israeli Biogroup Bonus won a patent approval in Japan for a living bone graft


The Israeli biotechnology company Bonus Biogroup won a patent approval from the Japanese Patent Office this week for a unique technology for transplanting a living human bone graft. The patent gives the company protection for the exclusivity of the use and commercialization of the technology, which will allow it to enter the Japanese market, which is estimated at approximately 24 billion dollars.

The patent applies to a living bone graft called “Bonofill”, which is produced from the patient’s own cells. The implant is implanted into the missing bone, allowing regeneration and reconstruction of the bone without the need to harvest bone from the patient’s body.

The implant is based on innovative technology, which allows nerve cells to be grown under laboratory conditions. The cells are transplanted into the missing bone, and begin to divide and multiply. The new cells create healthy and strong bone, capable of functioning properly.

The new Biogroup Bonus implant may be a breakthrough in the field of tissue regeneration. It offers several advantages over existing methods, including:

Higher efficiency: the new implant allows complete regeneration of the bone, without the need for additional surgery.

Shorter recovery time: the implantation of the new implant takes less time than the existing methods, and the recovery time is shorter.

Fewer complications: The new implant reduces the risk of bone graft-related complications, such as infections.

Bonus Biogroup is a relatively young company, established in 2020. The company develops innovative technologies in the field of tissue regeneration, with an emphasis on treatments in the field of the skeleton and joints.

Winning the patent approval in Japan is an important achievement for Bonus Biogroup, and puts it in a key position to enter the promising Japanese market.

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