Huge lawsuit by Israelis against Iran, 1 billion dollars in compensation for the massacre on 10/17/2023


A lawsuit was filed in the federal court in Washington by dozens of Israeli-American victims, or Israelis who have a first-degree American relative who was injured, kidnapped or murdered in the October 7 massacre, demanding that Iran pay them a billion dollars in compensation for the murders, the physical harm and the mental harm.

The plaintiffs claim that Iran financed and trained the military arm of Hamas that carried out the massacres on October 7, and therefore holds state responsibility for the results of these acts. Until its completion, a legal process of this kind is expected to take many years.

One of the plaintiffs is – Natalia Ben Zvi, the mother of the late Shagib Baylin Ben Zvi who was murdered at a party in Ra’i on October 7:

“I ask for justice for my son Shagiv, who was a handsome and kind-hearted young man. Like the hundreds of those murdered on October 7, for me, Iran is the head of the snake and is no less responsible than Hamas. I ask that the name, memory and memory of those murdered be anchored in the pages of history.”

The plaintiffs are represented by Kevin Emanuel Urquhart and Sullivan, one of the prominent US law firms in the field of litigation.

Kevin Emanuel is the largest litigation firm in the world. She will not charge any fees or request any fees or percentages from the families of the victims. Among the lawyers who filed the lawsuit are Andrew Shapiro (who was ambassador on behalf of the Obama administration), Bill Burke (who worked with President Bush), and attorney Yehuda Gore, an Israeli who specialized in the Supreme Court under Judge Uzi Fogelman.

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