International celebrities are coming out against the rising anti-Semitism in the US and around the world


Along with the rising anti-Semitism in the world, a new awareness campaign was launched with the participation of a series of Jewish and non-Jewish American celebrities in which they announce that they stand against anti-Semitism.

Among the celebrities starring in the campaign are actors, singers, athletes and public figures, including supermodel Cindy Crawford, actress Connie Britton (“Nashville” and “The White Lotus”), actress Jennifer Goodwin (“To This Day”), actress Debra Messing (“Will & Grace”), singer Lance Bass (Anne Sink), actor David Arquette (“Scream”), Colton Underwood (“The Bachelor”), actress Jennifer Morrison (“House”), actor Brett Gelman (“Things Moserim”), the actress Emmanuel Shariki (“The Entourage”), the American gymnast Nia Dennis and the music producer Scooter Braun.

“It’s a new year with new voices joining us every day,” declare Jennifer Morrison, David Arquette and Jennifer Goodwin at the beginning of the first video that was already uploaded, as mentioned, yesterday on the network. “I am a proud Jewish woman and I hope you will stand with me against anti-Semitism,” adds Emmanuel Shariki. “The people who speak up for others are the ones who bring about the biggest change,” adds Scooter Braun. “I stand against anti-Semitism,” declares Nia Dennis.

Bret Gelman, photo: YouTube

“We have to stop anti-Semitism from the beginning and the only way to do that is to show people that it’s not just those Jewish influencers making their voices heard,” said Samantha Atos, the entrepreneur behind the launch of the campaign in an interview with CNN. “The propaganda made people think that coming out against anti-Semitism is political. It’s not. It’s acceptable to come out against anti-Semitism just like coming out against any manifestation of hatred directed in the direction of any ethnic group,” she added.

“In light of the thunderous silence at the Golden Globe and Emmy ceremonies, I wanted to bring together prominent voices that would speak out against hatred of Jews and show the world that it will never happen again,” she explained the motivation behind the initiative. “There is discomfort when it comes to supporting Jews among the Hollywood community. We have become this population that people are afraid to stand beside, and that is what this campaign is trying to change.”

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